Residential Services

Renner & Associates Surveying LLC has been assisting residential homeowners with their property survey needs for over 3 decades. When improvements such as additions, fences, or garages are to be constructed, it is critical to review property lines and setbacks. The local permitting process will often times dictate the level of survey detail required, but our common steps include the following:

  • Research of parcel legal descriptions and property lines
  • Field of existing survey monumentation
  • Field setting of missing lot corners for homeowners review
  • Preparation and drafting of a certificate of survey depicting the above information

Are you contemplating building a fence around your property? Would you like to separate your yard from your neighbor’s?

Ask yourself if you’re positive about where your property ends and theirs begins. If you’re not, you may be in for lots of needless headaches.

Don’t build that fence just yet – contact Renner & Associates Surveying LLC first. Our professional boundary experts can help you determine where your property ends so you don’t get hauled into court, arguing over ownership and territorial limitations. Our competitive pricing can save you a bundle, and our fast completion times mean you can start building sooner, secure in the knowledge that all your bases are covered.

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