Commercial Serveys

Special Land Use Permit (Rezoning)

A special land use survey is part of the rezoning process. Local governments typically require a special survey before they will grant a zoning variance. This survey meets the local governments’ requirements for the rezoning process. Some of the common details shown on this type of survey are adjoining property owners and their zoning classification, square footage of dwellings, heated floor space, parking spaces, setback lines and right of way information are just some examples of the survey requirements.

Topographic Commercial Surveys

This type of survey is used to determine the elevations throughout a piece of property. A surveyor locates the physical features that exist on site, including natural features such as trees and streams, and man-made features, such as buildings or roads and provides vertical information with the relative heights of the ground and other identified features. A topographic survey is usually used for engineering studies, landscaping projects or construction planning.

ALTA Land Title Survey

An ALTA survey is completed for the Title Company and/or Lender for the issuing of title or mortgage insurance.  The survey has to meet the minimum precision and detail requirements established jointly by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

ALTA specifies the data to be shown on the survey and this includes boundary lines, location of the main building including improvements, location of ancillary buildings, and the identification of easements (access rights by service companies such as water, gas, telephone, railways, and other utilities).

Telecommunications (Cell Tower Surveys)

Height verification meets the FAA’s requirement for horizontal and vertical accuracy. Renner & Associates Surveying LLC can easily and quickly perform a survey meeting the FAA’s highest accuracy level. This survey consists of a letter specifying the highest appurtenance, the top of the cell antenna, total height, and any other specifics that might be requited all based on mean sea level and referenced to WGS84 Latitude and Longitude.

Cellular Tower development surveys are surveys prepared for the construction of cellular towers, just like the name implies. During the course of this type of survey, we will define the limits of the lease area for the carrier, prepare a topographic survey of the entire area, and place monuments at the lease areas corners. We will identify the ingress-egress easement for the site if necessary and we will establish the latitude and longitude of the site in order to meet FAA requirements.

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